Solving the tough problems of strain gage measurement

When testing the structural durability and fatigue of a specimen or structure (large or small), it is important to understand the fundamental variables that can interfere with the readings. Also, a confidence level must be established so that a test does not have to be repeated.


In this whitepaper you will learn more about

  • how and why strain gages are currently used in the world of structural testing and condition monitoring in all applications.

  • the technological improvements that can give highly reliable, precise data that can be used to determine fatigue and failure conditions.

  • the theory that allows strain gages to become precise and repeatable measurement sensors.

We will also review many problems such as ambient noise, long cable runs, and temperature effects on strain gauges and provide you with solutions.

For further technical info on the use of strain gages for structural test & health monitoring applications and problem solving when making measurements, download the free whitepaper.