How Gantner Instruments supports market leaders in eDrive/eMobility testing ft. A & D Technology

You will learn

  • Automotive Testing market demands of the past, present, and future from the perspective of Gantner Instruments and A&D Technology.
  • Current developments in the eDrive/eMobility technology sphere and several application success stories in the battery testing world.

Webinar Overview

  • eDrive requirements & solutions for battery and power measurements
  • A&D iTest & iConnect-X series solutions
  • HILS (Hardware-in-the-Loop) improvements to shorten development cycles
  • LabvWorx Suite to transform a collection of test systems into one managed lab
  • Application success stories in battery testing for charge/discharge cycle testing, safety & abuse, and environmental thermal testing

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Gantner Instruments webinars are aimed at Test & Measurement professionals who are interested in measurement technology in R&D testing, monitoring solutions, and machine builders. Gantner provides insights provided by industry experts to review current and future demands in instrumentation across various applications in the automotive, aerospace, civil engineering, and various energy sectors.