How to use Gantner Instruments' products to customize DAQ solutions. A shining example.

Systems integrators tasked with designing test cell technology need to utilize best-in-class tools to meet the unique needs of their customers. 

Download our free case study to discover why our client, a global leader in test automation designed a new I/O product family for analog transducers based on Gantner technology.


“The hurdle of 'transitioning' from a legacy system to a new one is typically a significant challenge to undertake. However, Gantner’s Q.series X made the migration possible for A&D, as all Gantner product generations are upward-compatible, so existing A&D systems based on GI technology are extendable with the latest GI products and include lifetime calibration support.”

Johannes Eidnes, Product Manager, A&D



You will learn how this leading systems integrator benefited from the ability to customize standard Gantner products to their needs and how Gantner's efficient connectivity technologies enable ongoing product development and quick reactions to ever-changing markets.

In this case study you will find out more about:

  • How A&D Technologies has put together its new iTest and iConnect-X product line

  • What the process of integrating Gantner DAQ hardware in the development of new I/O products looked like

  • The advantages of an EtherCAT-based data acquisition system

  • Why the highly specialized module A108 for analog transducers was chosen


Download our free case study now and see for yourself how Gantner is a preferred choice for systems integrators.