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Are you in search of reliable, precise, and industry-leading solutions for your PV Power Plant and PV Module Testing needs? Look no further!
Gantner Instruments presents the state-of-the-art Outdoor Test Facility (OTF), a service designed to simultaneously measure electrical and meteorological parameters for accurate characterization of any PV technology under real-world conditions. Benefit from our precisely measured IV curves, intelligent algorithms, detailed analysis, and robust OTF hardware specifications.
Explore the real power of Gantner's OTF - capable of high power (>650Wp), hetero-junction, bifacial PV modules. With scalable & extendable solutions that go from 8 channels up to 96 channels, discover how Gantner is revolutionizing PV power plant testing.


What to Expect?

By requesting a download of our flyer, you'll gain insight into:

  1. Key features of the Outdoor Test Facility and its real-time performance calculations
  2. How Gantner Instruments measures and analyzes key parameters for accurate PV module characterization
  3. The detailed performance analysis provided by our OTF, including how to verify PV performance in real-time, deriving yearly climate data, and more
  4. Future of PV Power Plant testing with the integration of Machine Learning and AI for fault detection and seasonal trend detection
  5. Our commitment to data security and protection at both hardware and software levels
With the Gantner Instruments Outdoor Test Facility, you have a reliable partner to help navigate your PV power plant testing journey. From initial installation to detailed performance analysis, our industry-leading technology is here to provide accurate and reliable data.


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