Download our latest GI.bench software for free!

Do you want to simplify your daily work? If so, then GI.bench is the application for you! Think state-of-the-art DAQ software environment with stunning dashboards, fully configurable data loggers, and modern APIs. Easy to use and scalable. And right now you have the chance to try it for free!


  • Quick and easy setup of multi-channel data acquisition systems
  • Configure multi-frequency data loggers
  • Create beautiful real-time dashboards
  • Modern APIs for configuration and data access
  • Processing of large volumes of data
  • Faster system configuration, improved data dashboard, advanced data stream features and an extensive online help.

What do I get for free?

GI.bench is free to use for configuration of your hardware and includes 30 minutes of PC‑based data acquisition

The licensed version of GI.bench provides full functionality, including offline project configuration, multi-controller setup, advanced data stream features, and unlimited PC-based data acquisition.


Enjoy working with your new daily helper GI.bench and stay tuned for more updates!