Perfecting the art of high-channel-count strain measurement

A leading test laboratory performs an aircraft wing structural test powered by Gantner Instruments data acquisition.

The Solution

The Gantner solution chosen for this application was a Q.raxx XL data acquisition (DAQ) system consisting of several Q.raxx XL A116 and A146 strain gage measurement modules, a Q.raxx XL A104 for thermocouple measurements to compensate for thermal output, and a Q.raxx XL A107 for potentiometer measurement of wingtip deflection. The multi-channel 19" rack-mount DAQ system was distributed along the test rig to minimize long cable runs.


This case study explains in detail the main criteria for this leading test laboratory selecting the Q.series X data acquisition system from Gantner Instruments:

  • Q.series X A116 and A146 internal bridge completion resistors with a Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) of 0.05 ppm/K for minimal temperature drift.

  • Q.series X A116 and A146 OCS© (Online Compensation Signal) automatically corrects for lead wire resistance during measurement.

  • GI.bench's up to 20+ parallel data loggers to record different data sets at different logging rates.

  • Team monitoring and configuring of data dashboards on any computer or mobile device using a web browser.


For more detailed technical information on the distributed 19" rack-mount high-channel-count measurement system chosen for this application, download the free case study.